Empowering Africa’s Youth Climate Leaders: Highlights from the Capacity Building Workshop

Uniting African Youth for Climate Action

In collaboration with the Climate Youth Negotiator Program (CYNP) and African Group of Negotiators Experts Support (AGNES), AYICC recently organized a leadership training workshop on negotiation skills. Held from August 28th to September 1st, 2023, at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) in Kasarani, Nairobi, this workshop brought together 21 exceptional young participants from across the African continent.

Grace Muthoni Kaimburi: A Rising Star in Climate Leadership

These young leaders, each with their unique stories and aspirations, converged to learn and collaborate, setting the stage for impactful climate action in Africa. Among them was Grace Muthoni Kaimburi, a standout talent hailing from Kenya. Grace is the founder of The Maji Yetu Foundation, a Kenyan youth-led nonprofit dedicated to addressing water scarcity and promoting sustainable agriculture through innovative solutions.

Harnessing AI for Climate Diplomacy

One of the key outcomes of this workshop was the inception of promising projects. Grace, alongside her talented colleagues including Caroline Chelsea Manyama from Tanzania, Isaac Kwabena Danso, Esther Mireku, and Esther Nyamekye from Ghana, Lauritta Boniface from Nigeria, and Agnes Sironka from Kenya, has embarked on a project titled “Enhancing Climate Diplomacy and Policy Making Using AI.”

Their project’s mission is to tackle the challenges of slow and inflexible diplomacy and policymaking in the realm of climate change. Grace and her team firmly believe that by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into climate diplomacy and policy-making, they can enhance decision-making capabilities, optimize adaptation strategies, provide real-time negotiation support, and strengthen the capacity of negotiators and stakeholders.

A Transformative Journey in Climate Leadership

Grace enthusiastically shared her reflections on this transformative training, emphasizing its profound impact on her perspective and skills in climate policy and negotiation. She highlighted the in-depth exploration of climate change policies and protocols, with a special focus on the Kyoto Protocol, which significantly deepened her understanding of global climate efforts.

Grace also underscored the invaluable connections forged during the workshop. Meeting like-minded individuals passionate about climate change, engaging in enlightening discussions, and collaborating on various activities enriched her experience. The diverse perspectives and experiences brought by fellow participants broadened her understanding of climate change’s regional impacts.

Ultimately, Grace expressed how this training has empowered her to actively engage in climate negotiations and policy discussions. Equipped with newfound knowledge and insights, she stands ready to contribute significantly to the development and implementation of climate policies. Her enhanced ability to advocate for sustainable solutions, engage in informed decision-making, and work toward a more resilient and sustainable future exemplifies the positive outcomes of empowering Africa’s youth climate leaders.

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