AfriYOCCC 2021

The African Youth Conference on Climate Change (#AFRIYOCCC) is a flagship program of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change that provides a platform for learning, sharing of knowledge and experiences among young people on the continent.

Building on the successes of the previous editions of #AFRIYOCCC and as 2020 marks the beginning of the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions, the 4th edition #AFRIYOCCC will provide a platform that will be “inspiring African Youth leadership for Climate Action and Post COVID-19 Green Recovery Agenda”

The previous AFRIYOCC’s were held in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Abuja respectively. AFRIYOCCC 2021 will be held virtually and will convene over 200 youth across the continent.


  • To create a platform for youth and relevant stakeholders to discuss current and emerging issues on climate change and biodiversity loss in Africa and to foster partnership among the young.
  • Create awareness and improve upon climate literacy and diplomacy amongst African youth.
  • Share ideas, knowledge and best practices of projects by African youth on climate change.
  • To develop and publish an African youth position paper for COP26 and on the post-COVID recovery process.

Expected outcomes 

  • African Youth Position Paper for COP26.
  • Launch of Youth Eco-smart projects book “Green Book.”
  • Increased understanding among African youth about the International Climate Change negotiation processes and entry points for African youth.
  • Enhanced collaboration and partnerships among youth organizations and also between AYICC and relevant institutions and organizations.

Download AfriYOCCC 2021 Programme 

Download AfriYOCCC 2021 Resource Pack 

Download African Youth Position for COP26

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AfriYOCCC2021 Side Event

Restless Development Side Event.

Title: ‘Peak Youth, Climate Change and the Role of Young People in Seizing their Future’

Date and Time: 10 September, 4:30 pm EAT – 5:30 pm EAT

Zoom Link to Register: REGISTER

Description: Climate change drives livelihoods’ precarity with increased flooding and droughts and disrupted seasonality. As agriculture becomes less reliable, rural-urban migration intensifies. Young people have the energy and enthusiasm to develop solutions. Starting from youth experience and agency, this interactive event and discussion will explore the latest insights from a cutting edge new research project that investigates how climate change is affecting young lives and youth livelihoods.

GYBN Africa Side Event

Title: ‘African Youth & the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework’

Date and Time: 8th September, 6:30 pm EAT – 8:30 pm EAT

Zoom Link to Register: REGISTER

AYCH Side Event

Title: ‘The Young Africans Debate’

Date and Time: 9th September, 3:00 pm GMT+1

Zoom Link to Register: REGISTER

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